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Inner Light Guest House

My name is Deborah, and I have a passionate interest in cultivating the life of the soul of the human psyche. In the past I worked as a counselor and led a dream group. For many years, I have studied mythology and Jungian psychology, and practiced Active Imagination and dreamwork. I use Tarot as a tool for spiritual/soul growth as well as the Divinatory Arts, and I study and practice Horary Astrology.   

I enjoy sacred vocal music, and spend as much free time as I can taking long walks or bike jaunts in the many Bay Area parks we are so fortunate to have available here. I also love creating beautiful spaces, and having an opportunity to do so creatively is one of my favorite types of projects to undertake in my professional life in home design. I've spent a lot of time making a more beautiful and inspiring space out of my own home, and I feel grateful to be able to make this space available to others!  

I am an introvert, a visual artist, writer, film-maker, photographer, astrologer and book lover and also spend a lot of my free time either browsing bookstores, or at home engaged in the enchanting world of a good story or compelling mystery book, or doing pen sketches and small watercolor or acrylic paintings. I write articles about magic and the archetypal imagination. I am working on getting into creative filmmaking.   

My home has been intended as a sanctuary for others for more than a decade, so I have many years of experience welcoming others into my home.